My Mission Statement To You!

  What is my mission statement for you?  Why should you take time out of your day, valuable time, to visit my site or follow my blog? This is my ...

Getting Older Does Not Mean Life Must Be a Spectator Sport!

Age and Being a Life Participant — You CAN Do It All!   We live in a society that reveres youth.  Everywhere you look, most TV ads, magazines, etc., are ...

How Coaching Saved Me

Specifically, how becoming a Team Beachbody coach saved me There are many things that come to mind when you think about the word “coach.”  By itself, it brings to mind ...


Download 7 FREE Tips to Jumpstart Your Fitness

    Whether you were once fit and healthy and have simply ...

5 Reasons You NEED to Ingrain Those Habits

I got up this morning at 6:30, wandered into the bathroom, brushed ...

The Top 10 Reasons To Join My Team

True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at ...

Want A Partner In Accountability?

Accountability Is What Sets Beachbody Apart! The story below is one from ...

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Forgiving Yourself is Often the Hardest

Can You Forgive Yourself? Have you ever noticed that oftentimes it’s easier to forgive someone else than it is to forgive yourself? Others can do or say something that upsets us or that we take issue with, but much of the time, especially if the person involved sincerely apologizes, we can and do let it […]

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5 Life Lessons From Your Dog

Lessons From Fido   Ever watched a dog just being a dog? They are so completely “in the moment,” most of the time. Oh, sure, they can feel fear, pain, loneliness, and all the emotions that we humans feel.  Anyone who has seen a dog smile upon their return home or a tucked tail when […]

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Bunny — My Little Pittie Mix!

My Little Bunny Girl That’s what I call this little girl.  She is technically a boxer/lab mix, but we believe she is a pittie mix and just about everyone who sees her feels the same. I have had other dogs.  In fact, we have a Border Collie named Toby that we love to pieces, and […]

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Perfection is Overrated

Who’s Perfect? Are you ever been stopped in your tracks by the need — or so you believe — to be perfect?  Do something perfectly?  Have it down pat before you attempt it? If you’re like me and probably just about anyone else, your answer is a big “Yes!”  Unless you’re fooling yourself and or […]

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Stop Putting Yourself Down

Are You Putting Yourself Down? Do you even know or realize it if you do? How many times a day does your inner voice say anything along these lines: I’m stupid I’m ugly I’m fat I’m an idot I’m boring Why would anyone want to hang with me I am clumsy I can’t do ______________ […]

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