My Mission Statement To You!

  What is my mission statement for you?  Why should you take time out of your day, valuable time, to visit my site or follow my blog? This is my ...

Getting Older Does Not Mean Life Must Be a Spectator Sport!

Age and Being a Life Participant — You CAN Do It All!   We live in a society that reveres youth.  Everywhere you look, most TV ads, magazines, etc., are ...

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Thank your for checking out my Online Fitness Club! If you know you need help and accountability, but for whatever reason, are not quite ready to make a bigger commitment, ...


Download 7 FREE Tips to Jumpstart Your Fitness

    Whether you were once fit and healthy and have simply ...

5 Reasons to Use a Home Workout Program

Home Workout Programs or the Gym?  That Is — Often — The ...

P90 – Your ON Switch to Fitness!

P90 is your On Switch to fitness!! Now you don’t have to ...

10 Things I Wish I Had Known In My 20s

What Do You Wish You Had Known in Your 20s?   Let’s ...

5 Steps to Stay On the Fitness Track

5 Steps to Stay on the Fitness Track   We’ve all been ...

5 Reasons You NEED to Ingrain Those Habits

I got up this morning at 6:30, wandered into the bathroom, brushed ...

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Get Reacquainted With Someone Important – You

Rediscover Yourself   When your kids leave home, whether off to college or moving into their first apartment, especially when the last one leaves, you can feel a sudden void.  The silence is deafening. Maybe you anticipated it.  Maybe it caught you off guard.  But regardless, there’s this feeling of something missing. Rather than looking […]

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Exercise for the Sheer Joy of It!

  “My name is Terri Cruce and I am an exercise addict.” When it comes to exercise, those who exercise regularly, who have developed that daily habit, know that we don’t exercise just to lose weight. Yes, weight loss and muscle tone are definitely important elements to why we exercise, but they are by no […]

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Learn to Trust Your Instincts

How Finely Tuned Are Your Instincts?   Ever get upset about things without knowing if you should or not? Come on, fess up.  We all do.  Some of us are more sensitive than others.  Some of us have our days when things roll off our backs and days when they sit there like anvils, threatening […]

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High Expectations Can Be Overrated

How High Are Your Expecations in Yourself?   Ever noticed that when you begin something new — a job, a business endeavor, a new exercise/fitness routine, or any other myriad of things we start in our lives — that you don’t worry all that much about how good you are at it? And have you […]

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Can’t or Won’t? There’s a World of Difference Between the Two

Can’t or Won’t — Totally Different Concepts   You know, I was working out this morning and the trainer on the workout DVD said something that I’ve heard before, but for some reason, it resonated more with me today. She said, “Get rid of the word ‘can’t.’  It doesn’t belong in your vocabulary.  There’s no […]

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