Why I Prefer Home Workout Programs

Why I Prefer Home Workout Programs I am a homebody.  I’m also an introvert.  Quiet and solitude are important to me.  It’s how I recharge my batteries. And when it ...

My Mission Statement To You!

  What is my mission statement for you?  Why should you take time out of your day, valuable time, to visit my site or follow my blog? This is my ...

Join the TCF Online Fitness Club!

Thank your for checking out my Online Fitness Club! If you know you need help and accountability, but for whatever reason, are not quite ready to make a bigger commitment, ...


Download 7 FREE Tips to Jumpstart Your Fitness

    Whether you were once fit and healthy and have simply ...

5 Reasons to Use a Home Workout Program

Home Workout Programs or the Gym?  That Is — Often — The ...

P90 – Your ON Switch to Fitness!

P90 is your On Switch to fitness!! Now you don’t have to ...

10 Things I Wish I Had Known In My 20s

What Do You Wish You Had Known in Your 20s?   Let’s ...

5 Steps to Stay On the Fitness Track

5 Steps to Stay on the Fitness Track   We’ve all been ...

5 Reasons You NEED to Ingrain Those Habits

I got up this morning at 6:30, wandered into the bathroom, brushed ...

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What Is Your True Heart’s Joy?

Finding Your Heart’s Joy No, this is not a post about finding your true love.  Or at least not in the conventional sense.  Finding that special someone is a whole other topic of conversation that I will leave to someone else to cover, on another day. What I’m referring to is finding that calling, that […]

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Join the FREE No Jelly Bellies For Us Holiday Accountability Group

Let the Bowl Full Of Jelly Stay Where It Belongs — On Santa!   Okay, that was a bit whimsical, but the truth is, with the holidays upon us, who among us has all the willpower we need to resist those holiday cookies that look like Rudolph or that scrumptious looking coconut cake? The truth […]

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Holiday “Me” Time Ideas — Your Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday “ME” Time – Your Holiday Survival Guide We are officially into December.  Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror and Christmas, if you celebrate that holiday, is next up on the horizon. If you’re like me, that means you probably still have shopping to finish — or maybe to just get started, let alone finish. […]

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Holiday/Black Friday Fitness Savings!

Save on the Gift of Fitness — For Yourself AND Those You Love! What better gift during the holiday season than one that keeps on giving and giving for months and years to come? And you totally CAN give fitness and health this holiday season!  Buy them for you family. Buy them for your friends. […]

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11 Benefits of Coconut Oil

11 Benefits of Coconut Oil Did you know that coconut oil is amazingly good for you? Did you know that it can be substituted for other oils in most cooking and baking, with great results? I put coconut oil in my morning health shake just so I can reap some of these benefits daily. Here’s a […]

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