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  What is my mission statement for you?  Why should you take time out of your day, valuable time, to visit my site or follow my blog? This is my ...

Getting Older Does Not Mean Life Must Be a Spectator Sport!

Age and Being a Life Participant — You CAN Do It All!   We live in a society that reveres youth.  Everywhere you look, most TV ads, magazines, etc., are ...

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Thank your for checking out my Online Fitness Club! If you know you need help and accountability, but for whatever reason, are not quite ready to make a bigger commitment, ...


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    Whether you were once fit and healthy and have simply ...

5 Reasons You NEED to Ingrain Those Habits

I got up this morning at 6:30, wandered into the bathroom, brushed ...

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True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at ...

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Accountability Is What Sets Beachbody Apart! The story below is one from ...

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10 Things I Wish I Had Known In My 20s

What Do You Wish You Had Known in Your 20s?   Let’s face it, in this age of youth worship, those of us who no longer feel like part of the young generation may sometimes find it hard to see the upside to getting older.  But I’m here to tell you that not only is […]

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Turn Down the Noise

Turn Down the Noise We live in a noisy world. Think about it.  Think about any given day in your life.  We are constantly bombarded from so many different directions, by so many different technological bells and whistles, not to mention just life events going on around us and in which we are deeply embedded, […]

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5 Steps to Stay On the Fitness Track

5 Steps to Stay on the Fitness Track   We’ve all been there, right?  It starts out with us making the decision to eat better, exercise more, be more active, and lose weight and tone up. We get our ducks in a row.  We pick out what we’re going to do for exercise.  We plan […]

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P90 is Coming! It’s Your Turn!

All-New P90!  This is Your On Switch to Fitness!     If you’ve been waiting for a program that YOU can do, the wait is nearly over! Brand new P90 is on the way! This program is for everyone. Every age. Every fitness level. High intensity programs are great for some people. But for many, […]

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Insanity asylum volume 2 review

You’re Not Always Going to at 100% in Your Workout (Video)

Go ahead.  Allow yourself a day here and there that you just “get through” that workout.  Not every day is going to be great.  We have on days and we have off days.  If you have a lot of off days in a row, you may need a few days to week of recovery. But […]

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